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A Growing Community

We are not just another honey company. We are passionate about Jesus and he is passionate about YOU!

If you know us then you will find that statement to be true. They call us "crazy Christians", some just call us "crazy". Yes, We love our Lord Jesus and we are going to do everything we can to tell others about how amazing He is! We happen to take "The Great Commission Mathew 28:18-20" seriously. We have experienced the grace of God firsthand. His promises Oh, how he keeps them. He is faithful. He is Good. All the time he is good. He is so good...

Here is our story and how The Holy Honey Company came to be.

It all starts with our son Joshua, In January of 2007 Joshua purchased a motorcycle and quite honestly, I was filled with overwhelming fear and panic of what I knew was sure to come. I remember going to our life group and pleading for prayers for his safety and also for prayers that somehow, this motorcycle would be some way taken away from him. Well, three short weeks later, I received the call. He was in an accident on it and it was a miracle he had survived. The story from the highway patrol officer goes like this. " I expected to find a dead person and I could not believe what I had seen. You were surrounded by what I would call angels, I did not know if hey were there to take you or to protect to you". He went on to say he was not a "religious" man and had never experienced anything like this in his life. Joshua escaped virtually unscathed. His odometer was locked up at 80 mph. He walked away bruised and battered, never the less my boy had walked away. He was at Desert Hospital when he called me and said in a voice he used as a little boy (he was 22 at the time) "mommy why didn't I die" followed by sobbing. I said to him "Joshy, Every night I pray and ask the Lord to bring you safely home to me and if not to me then to him. Joshy, You are not ready for heaven. You have not given your heart to Jesus". I truly believe my son knew he should not have made it. People just don't survive accidents like that without the hand of God pulling them from the wreckage. Two weeks or so after he was better and could walk without crutches Joshua came down from Yucca Valley where he lived with his grandparents and showed up at church. I will never forget the tears streaming down my babys face as he said to me "Mommy. I am ready. I want to talk to the pastor." I watched through my tears as my boy accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior. In the months to come Joshua not only made Jesus his savior he also mad Jesus the lord of his life. Then one evening seven months after receiving his salvation. Joshua was called home in a tragic car accident. I know my son sits with Jesus and he will be there to greet me when my time here is done. I have peace. Although, I miss him more than words can say, I have The Promise of God. The Holy Honey Company is our offering to Him for the blessings we have received. We will proudly be His messenger. We will sacrifice all that we have, all that we are to serve Him. We can't stand the thought of another parent losing a child and not knowing the promise of the Lord Jesus. We will not sit still and be idle. Joshua went to heaven July 19, 2007. It seems like yesterday but We know, he is safe in the arms of Jesus~ Debbie Weeks-Schwenn

Image by Jenna Lee
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